Marvel Champs Monday: The Real Final Boss

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Phil: Let’s be honest with ourselves; Red Skull is kind of a weeny in this game.

Luke: What? Nooooooooooo, he’s… he just takes a little time to build up his engine. An engine of evil!

Phil: Sure, but by the time he gets things going, it’s not too hard to punch him in the face real hard.

Luke: … Yeaaaaaaaaaah. Not to mention most of his side schemes help the player, which can really turn the tides.

Phil: It’s hard to ignore that, compared to the previous fight, Red Skull feels a little like a cakewalk.

Luke: It’s true; Zola is a force to be reckoned with, and not lightly. The pressure that he puts on players is downright diabolical, and it can be hard to ignore how brutal a fight it can be.

Phil: With an opening salvo of stealing your primary allies and bringing some beefy minions into play, Zola wastes no time making it known that he’s here to take the heroes down a peg. And unless you’re playing with Hawkeye, good luck dealing damage to him without taking a hefty amount back in exchange.

Luke: That’s assuming you have the chance to hit him at all; many minions will gain guard, extra hit points, extra stats, you name it. Soon enough, you’ll have an army of minions standing before you, wailing on you for a ton of damage. A Zola’s Mutate alone can be a challenge to deal with, especially early in the game when you’re still setting up shop.

Phil: And some of the attachments they get! Neurological Implants is an especially punishing one, but really any of them feel harsh and hard to ignore.

Luke: And don’t think you’ll be free of minions for too long; with every 3 test counters comes yet another minion to ruin your day.

Phil: And there are plenty of Test Subjects to keep you on your toes, forcing the waves on enemies onto you one way or the other.

Luke: As for his Treachery cards, I hate them both. Yes, both, as in only 2 different types can be found here. Mind Ray is immediately debilitating, activating Zola again while reducing your ability to deal with it. And Technological Advancements is subtle in its deadly nature, adding more threat and test counters to speed along Zola’s experiments.

Phil: There’s no getting around just how effective this villain set is at pushing players to their limits. You’ll need to get control of the board state fast and hold onto it as tightly as possible if you have a chance at success. Even when victory is *right there,* one misstep or a bad card draw can spell out the end.

Luke: It’s a fantastic fight and worth lauding, rivaling Ultron as the top adversary to take down.

Phil: Now just imagine Zola mixed with the M.O.D.O.K. modular set.

Luke: [vomits violently]

Phil: …Well, I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping in, and let us know your thoughts down below. I’ll be sure Luke reads him after he’s done… you know-

Luke: [retches] Zola AND M.O.D.O.K.?!?

Phil: We’ll see ya’ll next week!

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