Marvel Champions: Hulk – “Hulk is Hulk!!!”

  • Designers: N/A
  • Artist: N/A
  • Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Release Date: August 2020

Luke: Hulk is a particularly strange hero to discuss.

Phil: No dude, that was last month.

Luke: While Thor had previously been criticized for being very one-note, Hulk takes that to a whole new level, with less of an engine and more of a spattering of events intermingled with turns where you scream into a pillow in frustration and sadness. Only with the assistance of some online deck recommendations was I able to get Hulk to feel both fun and manageable, namely with a Leadership deck.

Phil: Not exactly a particularly thematic choice.

Luke: Perhaps not. But with the smallest collective hand-size out of any hero and 1 way to remove any threat in his core set, it’s hard to deny that Hulk is… Hulk, for better or worse.

Phil: I find myself having the least fun with those heroes that feel tied to a single method of play or restrictive in their choice of Aspect, and while Hulk could theoretically embody any Aspect in Standard play, if you’re going to take on Expert, you better strap in for a rough time.

Luke: And not a rough time like a good challenge so much as drawing into hands that do little to nothing and then throwing the remainders away because you can’t afford any more threat.

Phil: Hulk’s core ability is thematic, sure, and unique in its aggressive playstyle, but coupled with such a teeny hand-size makes it feel like a particularly harsh punishment. You better draw into just the right set of cards or flip to your Alter Ego, because otherwise, that copy of Hawkeye you can’t pay for is going in the trash.

Luke: What’s more, the extreme reliance on a single type of resource, while thematic, restricts how Hulk’s deck is built in many ways while making him very vulnerable to specific threats.

Phil: Anything that requires you to pay a set of resources to remove from the board is just something you’ll have to deal with unless a teammate can help out. But filling your deck with a more diverse pool of resources will often punish you, making your Hulk-specific cards notably less helpful.

Luke: Limitless Strength obviously helps with this, but even that’s restricted to your hero form, understandably. Everything in Hulk’s arsenal feels so precarious, so precise, that you’ll find more and more turns where you have little else to do.

Phil: And you better hope you don’t get tapped or stunned by the villain, because holy $#%&, you will get nothing done that turn, possibly multiple turns depending on how bad your luck is.

Luke: To be frank, Hulk is incredibly vulnerable to a lot with very little to make up for it. Sure, he can blast through minions and deal a ton of damage, but the trade-off feels a little too extreme, even for me.

Phil: As for the cards that come in this set, there are some pretty spicy options that are brought to the table. The new Aggression allies are a much-needed addition that brings a ton of neat additions to the table.

Luke: Toe to Toe and “You’ll Pay For That!” are a ton of fun, presenting the 5th Aspect we never got to see in a fun and exciting way.

Phil: Beat Cop, Inspiring Presence, Electrostatic Armor, Martial Prowess, there’s rarely a dud in this set beyond To the Rescue! and Resourceful.

Luke: Simply put, I’d recommend this set for the cards contained rather than for the hero proudly displayed on the box. I have no doubt that, in due time, Hulk will get some cards that will make him fr more viable, but as it stands, it just doesn’t feel like much fun to build a deck for him, let alone play him.

Phil: And who knows? Maybe Rise of Red Skull will bring a bunch of new toys for Bruce to play with, but we’ll have to wait and see. What were your thoughts on Hulk’s set? Let us know your favorite card in the comments, and we’ll see you next week!

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