Marvel Champs Monday: An Efficient King

Phil: This weekend, a great loss was felt across the internet was Chadwick Boseman passed away, very suddenly for those of us who weren’t aware of his battle with cancer. It’s difficult to express the impact that it has had, on our community or on each of us individually.

Luke: And while there is little we can say here that hasn’t already been articulated well elsewhere, we wanted to take the time by celebrating his contributions to this hobby by taking a look at the Black Panther hero set, one that, dare I say, would not have been in the core box of the game is not for Chadwick’s portrayal of the character.

Phil: And damn, what a hero he is. In all honestly, I think he’s one of the best in the game to date, rivaling Dr. Strange in regards to raw power.

Luke: You think?

Phil: Absolutely, but not in the same way as the good doctor. While other S-Rank heroes hold their positions through powerful combos and or particularly great cards, Black Panther holds his throne through sheer efficiency. Everything about his design boils down to doing things well, quickly, and at little cost.

Luke: That’s fair, each game starts with Black Panther pulling an extra card, starting nearly every game with a hand of 7. Regardless of whether you decide to build your engine right away or not, that extra card can make all the difference in terms of setting yourself up for victory from the get-go.

Phil: And looking through his card pool, he has so many tools to get stuff on the board. Every one of his cards costs 2 or less, meaning he has the least expensive deck out of any hero currently released. Couple that with the fact that he comes with 3 offerings of Vibranium, a powerful resource card that can outright pay for anything in his core set, and you’re talking about a character that has the coin to buy whatever he pleases fairly easily.

Luke: This low barrier to entry makes it so that you can add nearly any card to T’Challa’s deck, regardless of cost. Hercules and Heimdall have never been more viable allies to get to the table.

Phil: On top of this, so many of his cards provide extra value. The Golden City lets T’Challa draw 2 extra cards, which can be a huge swing in his favor. Shuri practically pays for herself, letting you pull an extra card from your deck when she enters play. And Ancestral Knowledge will let you put spent cards back into your deck, holding off the extra Encounter cards while potentially letting you activate Wakanda Forever! again.

Luke: Speaking of which, once your Upgrade engine is built, Wakanda Forever! is such a crushing blow to enemies, dishing a ton of damage while removing some threat and healing you in the process. And considering you have 5 opportunities to use them in your deck, it’s crazy to consider just how powerful this combo becomes.

Phil: Let’s not also forget Black Panther’s built-in Retaliate. So not only are you efficient in getting your cards into play, but you also damage your enemies simply by letting them hit you. Ultron’s drones fall to pieces simply because they touch you!

Luke: It’s impressive just how effective this hero is, and with the stat line to prove it. He’s good at just about everything, making him a great contender for every Aspect, something that can be hard to find all the time. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Rise of Red Skull set will bring to the table that will strengthen T’Challa’s arsenal.

Phil: What new cards are you most excited to use in a Black Panther deck? Let us know down below!

Luke: And be sure to stop back in tomorrow, when we’re giving our full thoughts on the Hulk hero set. See ya’ll then!

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