Marvel Champions Monday: Who Wants a Piece of Me?

Phil: With the release of Rise of Red Skull fast approaching, we’ve had the opportunity to check out one of the cards coming in the set and share it with all of you!

Luke: If you haven’t been checking out the various spoilers content creators have been revealing, be sure to follow along this schedule so you can see all the teasers before the box launches.

Phil: So, what card did we end up with?

Luke: Well, considering how we’ve debated the usefulness of certain allies in the past, it only makes sense that we have the opportunity to dive into the details of Spider-Girl!

Phil: So, let’s break this down. Another 2-cost ally? Nice.

Luke: Very nice. Having them come into play to take some damage is incredibly helpful.

Phil: Stats? Pretty solid. 2-health is to be expected, but that 2 ATK is a nice boost.

Luke: Makes sense for being an Aggression ally.

Phil: The resource? She’ll be good with Captain Marvel and Thor decks, both characters that lean towards Aggression.

Luke: And that ability?

Phil: Spicy. Basically jamming up a minion in play can be a pretty big deal, possibly for 2 turns if you play it right. Spider-Girl will be a beast against some Mutagen Formula minions for sure.

Luke: It makes sense that the protege of Spider-Woman would hand out some status cards like candy.

Phil: She’ll also be a very useful tool against some Modular Sets. MODOK and Madam Hydra should be a bit more bearable with Anya’s assistance.

Luke: Not to mention Nemesis minions. Let’s just shut Loki down for a few turns and not worry about him.

Phil: The biggest caveat here is that she has to be played from hand in order to get the effect, meaning those Leadership cards we know of won’t help get her benefit.

Luke: Leadership? But she’s Aggression…

Phil: Yes, but Make the Call can pull from your friend’s discard piles, not just your own. Plus, Spider-Woman could have both Leadership and Aggression cards in the same deck.

Luke: Ah, good point. So she may not be as versatile in regards to using the multiple Aspects, but she does have the Avengers tag, making her add some more fuel onto the potential Spider-Woman tribal Avengers fire.

Phil: Her and Hulk make for some strong 2-cost Avengers allies, so I can definitely see that very powerful synergy forming.

Luke: The other thing likely worth noting, since it was released so recently, is that Anya will get her ability halved by the worst of the minions.

Phil: Ronan

Luke: Since he can’t be stunned, he’ll be slightly more resistant to the effect, though the Confused would still be put in play.

Phil: All-in-all, Aggression has needed another low-cost ally, and Spider-Girl is a fantastic option for just that. Her effect is useful, if situational, her stats are nice, and she can make for a good unit to chum if need be. Definitely a fantastic addition to the Aggression line-up.

Luke: But what do you folks think? Is this an obvious addition to your future Aggression decks? Let us know your thoughts down below, and we’ll see you next week!