Marvel Champions: Dr. Strange – Supreme

  • Designer: N/A
  • Artists: Various
  • Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Release Date: July 2020

Luke: It’s hard to deny just how powerful Dr. Strange can be against the various Villains of Marvel Champions.

Phil: Makes a bit of sense if you ask me. If you have the mystic abilities of the Sorcerer Supreme, it’s hard to be defeated by the likes of the Rhino or Klaw.

Luke: Still, Dr. Strange isn’t just a strong option to play, he’s also a ton of fun to use. His main strength comes from his flexibility. His Invocation deck allows him to have fairly consistent, powerful abilities at his disposal, and while he needs to tap and potentially spend some resources, it’s usually worth the cost.

Phil: Not to mention much of his engine just fuels it. His cloak allowing him to tap twice in a turn, getting a free resource from the Eye of Agamotto, and Wong helping you sift through your Invocations all lend themselves to you being a lean magical machine.

Luke: Speaking of magic, some of these spell events are bonkers. Magic Blast in particular is a ton of fun to watch pop off.

Phil: The only real downside to the good doctor is his Basic Attack being a 1, but so many of his effects deal a good amount of damage that it’s hardly worth harping on.

Luke: What’s gotten me even more excited, though, are the Protection cards that come in this set. When I opened the pack, I didn’t build a Dr. Strange deck, but a Protection Spidey deck, and wow, what a ton of fun. There’s so many cool tools on display here. My favorite is easily Unflappable, which you could build an entire deck around (I know I did).

Phil: Desperate Defense is also very cool as a combo between Expert Defense and Indomitable, though you do need to play it from hand.

Luke: Clea and Iron Fist really help out with the allies present in Protection, each with some really neat effects.

Phil: And Momentum Shift can really help deal some damage while helping yourself, feeling like a rather inspired card overall.

Luke: The only straight-up flop I’ve come across is The Night Nurse, who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan be helpful, but could also “heal” your Tough status away, seeing as discarding a status from the character being healed is mandatory.

Phil: And even if it wasn’t, she just feels a bit too situational, useful primarily when dealing with Villains or Modular sets that specialize in stunning (I’m looking at you, A Mess of Things).

Luke: It’s hard to deny that this set, to my mind, is absolutely mandatory. I don’t know that it’s the best expansion we’ve seen thus far (I’d award that to the previous Protection hero, Ms. Marvel), but this set both gives us a hero that’s a ton of fun to play around with and tools that seriously help make Protection a more viable Aspect moving forward.

Phil: What do you think, is Dr. Strange too strong, or do you not mind his magical flexibility? Let us know your thoughts down below, and we’ll see you next week!

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