Marvel Champs Monday: The Accused

Luke: With all of the exciting news that has come out regarding Marvel Champions, it kind of sucks that we have to wait for all of this exciting content.

Phil: Well, not all of it.

Luke: Yes, I know Hulk just came out, but I’m talking about these new, adrenaline-pumping announcements of new baddies to tackle.

Phil: Like the Ronan villain set that will come out with the Galaxy’s Most Wanted set?

Luke: Yeah, sure-

Phil: Well, FFG has certainly cooked up something to keep you occupied in the meantime, namely the brutal Kree Fanatic modular set.

Luke: Holy $#@%, brutal is right. A minion with 9 health per player? Madness.

Phil: Not only that, but he can’t be stunned, starts with a toughness, and will always engage with the player with the least health. Oh, and he nearly always comes into play thanks to his boost ability.

Luke: He’s certainly persistent, I’ll give him that.

Phil: Oh, and the other cards in this set are just as nightmarish. “You Dare Oppose Me?” forces you to discard 5 encounters and put any Kree Fanatic cards aside to be resolved later. And Bring the Hammer Down forces Ronan to activate again.

Luke: Judge, Jury, Executioner is no walk in the park, especially for select Protection decks, forcing extra threat onto the main scheme. But The Accused easily takes the cake, forcing a player to take +1 damage from every hit until Ronan is defeated.

Phil: Meaning that if he’s not in play, you’re gonna have to fight to get him in play and then defeat him before that goes away.

Luke: Exactly. And, like Ronan himself, this is almost always guaranteed to attach to someone thanks to the boost.

Phil: The longer I look at it, the worse it becomes.

Luke: And honestly? It’s fantastic. To me, additional difficulty levels or lists of achievements don’t really do much for me. They can be fun for some, but I don’t find those to be particularly engaging or interesting. But this? An entirely unique set that is built to bring the players down as fast as possible in subtle ways that’s already built into the game system? By far the best “Expert” mode we’ve seen thus far.

Phil: And the fact that it’s a freebie is a really nice addition. I’d love to see maybe promo sets of these down the road, though I know FFG is resistant to making this set available in any means beyond the PnP, which I respect a lot.

Luke: With Hulk set to arrive on my doorstep today, it looks like the green goliath and Asgard’s protector may be going toe-to-toe with this intergalactic menace.

Phil: Good luck with dealing with all that threat!

Luke: Yeah, we’ll need it [laughs].

Phil: Thanks for tuning in as always folks, and we’ll be back tomorrow with our thoughts on Dr. Strange; see you then!

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