Marvel Champs Monday: Fastest Man Alive

Luke: It’s hard to understate how much cool stuff FFG showed off this past weekend, especially in regards to Marvel Champions. With a whopping 6 heroes and 1 villain revealed with a few cards for each, it’s an incredibly exciting time for those of us invested in the game.

Phil: So much so that a few of us Content Creators have banded together to talk about our favorite recently announced hero!

Luke: And while every character looks like they have something that makes them interesting, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to talk about my boy Quicksilver.

Phil: One of your comic book favs, right?

Luke: He stands alongside Cyclops as one of the cocky mutant screw-ups that I find appealing within the X-Men pantheon.

Phil: I mean, Quicksilver isn’t technically a-

Luke: He’ll always be a mutant to me, Phil.

For those who didn’t have the chance to see the stream, Quicksilver has a lot going for him. In his Alt Ego from, he can sift through his deck, tossing cards to draw more.

Phil: And if he’s teamed up with his sister, he can even get an extra card from doing this, tying into the recently revealed team-up element. I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of how one of his core abilities is so tied to another hero, but it makes sense for Pietro to become impatient and just tossing resources to get more.

Luke: His hero ability is less straightforward, though. With only 1 THW, ATK, and DEF, Quicksilver can ready himself after using a basic ability once per phase.

Phil: The term “phase” being the keyword here.

Luke: That’s not one of the keywords in the-

Phil: You know what I mean. Because it happens each phase, this means that Pietro can defend EVERY TURN for free. Sure, he’s only blocking 1 damage, but that can make for a huge difference.

Luke: These sorts of bonus actions can definitely add up and make a huge difference. You could ping to remove a tough then thwart in the same turn for instance. That flexibility will make Quicksilver someone who can do a little bit of everything all the time.

Phil: Plus, whatever Aspect he taps into will allow him to up that stat, making him slightly focused while still being able to do a ton.

Luke: Speaking of which, Quicksilver will be coupled with my favorite Aspect, Protection, so I’m incredibly excited for that. The one card that we’ve seen from that, Warlock, will be an awesome ally to add to the roster.

Phil: Duuuuuuuuuude, Warlock in a Spider-Man Protection deck is going to be bonkers.

Luke: Right?!?

Phil: Of course, Quicksilver is going to fall prey to a few dastardly elements of villain decks. Anything that exhausts Quicksilver, such as his Obligation or many of Klaw’s cards will slow him down a bit. And Retaliate will whittle his health down to nothing in minutes.

Luke: Every action counts for him, and making those actions less frequent or sub-optimal could trip up the speedster.

Phil: The last thing worth noting today is the team-up card he shares with Scarlet Witch, Order and Chaos. It’s essentially most hero cancels with a little spice on top, dealing 2 damage to the villain just to add salt to the wound. It’s a nice tool if you happen to have the pair working together, and it feels very thematic.

Luke: Plus that art is just great.

Phil: What more will we find in Quicksilver’s pack? Will his Nemesis be his brooding and disapproving father figure? We’ll have to wait and see, but Pietro is clearly a character worth looking forward to.

Luke: We’re definitely incredibly excited for him, but which hero are you anticipating the most? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week!

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