To the Lab! Hulk Spoiler: Banner’s Laboratory

Note: This is a part of a content creator collaboration where we reveal and discuss various spoilers from the upcoming Marvel Champions: Hulk hero pack. For more on that, click here.

Luke: Hey folks, we have a special treat this week! FFG has recently reached out to a number of content creators, giving us a sneak peak into some of the cards being released in the upcoming Hulk hero pack. As you may have guessed, we were one of the lucky few to have this opportunity.

Phil: Oh, that’s awesome! So what kind of card did we get? Some awesome Aggressive ally ready to kick a$$ and take names? A crazy powerful attack that Hulk unleashes on unsuspecting puny humans?

Luke: Nah, we got Bruce Banner’s lab!

Phil: Oooooookay.

Luke: Hey, don’t look so glum! As non-punchy as this may be, this card has fascinating repercussions for Hulk as a whole.

Phil: Well, it’s certainly the first non-physical card we’ve seen so far.

Luke: Yeah, it’s clear Hulk is fueled by those little red icons, so it’s neat to see one that breaks that mold. Additionally, it creates mental resources in the Alter-Ego form? It makes sense thematically, but I don’t know how useful that will be in practice.

Phil: From what cards are currently in our pool of options, the only card that expressly uses mental resources that could be used in Alter Ego form is Second Wind, which might be a very strong option, considering that Hulk could be inclined towards a Protection play style.

Luke: Even still, a free resource is always nice. With this in play, Bruce will be able to sift through his deck with his innate ability while also putting cards into play more easily.

Phil: Meaning he can buff up prior to unleashing his more violent half.

Luke: Right. Plus, the extra recover is definitely a welcome addition.

Phil: The quicker Bruce can heal, the sooner Hulk gets back into the field.

Luke: Yep; it’s clear that this, the only Alter Ego card I’ve seen so far for Hulk, is designed to make Bruce an efficient machine, getting the tools you need to get the big green guy back into the fight.

Phil: Which makes this a particularly useful card if you choose to put it in play.

Luke: Assuming it’s the only non-aggression card in Hulk’s core set, you’ll want to put it in play so you don’t draw into it at inopportune times.

Phil: It’s funny how such a seemingly innocuous card can have such big implications.

Luke: Banner’s Laboratory definitely makes me more excited to give this hero a go when he’s eventually released, as I imagine there will be some rather fun combinations in our future.

Phil: But what are your thoughts? Yes, you, the reader, let us know in the comments what you think of this card and how it could be used effectively in Hulk’s deck.

Luke: Thanks for taking the time to tune in, and we’ll see ya’ll next week with more Marvel Champions coverage!


  1. Cpmriise

    Totalling 6 recovery with this card is great. As you guys commented, this allows recovery and great prep time to go back to beast and inflict hell on the villain. Cannot wait for this pack. Looks like aggression will finally have some great cards for solo play after the disappointment of thors cards

    • Luke

      Yeah, I definitely was a huge fan of the surplus of minion-specific cards, though they are helpful against Ultron and Mutagen Formula. The stand-outs, to me, are Jarnbjorn and Mean Swing; Jarnbjorn should be a really strong inclusion in a Hulk deck.

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