Marvel Champions Monday: Klaw’s Signature Move

Note: This is a part of Klaw Your Way Through May, a content creator collaboration where we each discuss the Klaw villain set. For more on that, click here.

Luke: Signature Moves, thus far, has favored the grand heroes of Marvel Champions, defining what makes some of our favorite playable figures tick. But now it’s time to dive into the scum and villainy that infest this world and see what we can learn about our foes.

Phil: And who better to start with than Klaw, perhaps the most nefarious in his plotting ways.

Luke: Some point to him as the unpredictable adversary; drawing 2 cards for each attack and having such strong scheming options can make fights against him slightly swingier than others.

Phil: I’d say he’s the transition from the easier half of the villain pool to the harder half.

Luke: Which makes him, in my eyes, a great method to test what hero decks can stand up against the big boys and which need to be tinkered with more.

Phil: But what one card best encapsulates what makes Klaw such a dastardly enemy? To us, Sonic Boom tells a perfectly clear tale.

Luke: This card is perhaps one of Klaw’s craftiest tools; there’s no way I’m paying 3 resources just to keep my hero unexhausted, and the fact that some attacks will exhaust me even when I’m not blocking is brutal, promoting a more defensive playstyle.

Phil: Not that you always have the time to be defensive, considering how quick Klaw is to get his engine going.

Luke: And this card is all the more brutal if you’re playing a Leadership deck, potentially exhausting all your allies as well.

Phil: And this tactic of delaying the hero, distracting them, slowing them down and preventing them from acting in a timely manner, is Klaw’s bread-and-butter.

As a skilled mercenary and saboteur, Klaw has a history of studying his foes, determining their weak points, and then acting on them effectively, dismantling the safe-guards of Wakanda to assassinate their king.

Luke: And in terms of mechanics, a hero’s ability to tap for an effect is one of their strongest tools; it’s free, it’s reliable, and it can have particularly strong effects, depending on the hero in question. The fact that we, as players, rely on it so heavily, means that it’s that much more devastating when that option is forcefully taken away from us.

Phil: The image for this card comes from the award-winning Black Panther series written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a narrative focused on the political implications of having a sovereign ruler, the morality of the Wakandan nation, and the implementation of other kinds of government.

Klaw, in classic fashion, looks to invade and take over Wakanda, implementing his own form of rule by becoming Wakanda’s “new god.” Using his sonic powers, he quickly defeats the Wakandan military without any trouble, forcing them to their knees as he stands before them, menacing his new “subjects.”

Luke: Very fitting for the story being told.

Klaw is a tactician of the highest order but does so by allowing his powers to keep his enemies knocked down and at a distance. Sonic Boom, both narratively and mechanically, perfectly presents this, forcing the players to feel his wrath firsthand.

Phil: Or so we think. Do you all feel there’s a better card in Klaw’s arsenal that shows who the character is at his core? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Luke: Thanks as always for stopping by, and we’ll see you next week!

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