Marvel Champions Monday: Captain Marvel’s Signature Move

Luke: Welcome back to our mini-series Signature Move where we take a look at what we view as the card that encapsulates what a Marvel Champs hero is all about. This week, we’re taking a look at Captain Marvel, a character that has gone through many iterations over the years.

Phil: True, but it’s clear that this version of the character is based around her most recent reboot in the comics that inspired the film. Her fohawk haircut in particular is a dead giveaway.

Luke: Couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately, most of her cards aren’t terribly thematic, at least not in the grand sweeping way that we saw with Black Panther’s card. There is, however, one perhaps innocuous card that stands out as particularly emblematic of her more recent characterization.

Phil: If I had to take a guess off-hand, I would say Energy Channel. It’s a card that really shows off her raw strength and abilities in a way that feels incredibly cathartic in-game and via the art used.

Luke: It’s certainly one of the better picks and one that I heavily considered, but I’ll come back around to that later. Instead, I went with the fairly tame but potent Energy Absorption.

It’s hard to deny the power behind a 3-resource card, but how it ties into Carol Danvers’ abilities is fascinating.

Phil: For those of you unaware, the most recent iteration of Captain Marvel, similar to her DC counterpart Supergirl, is able to absorb energy to fuel her various abilities, primarily through the use of photoblasts.

Luke: And this is perfectly articulated throughout her deck. Her more aggressive cards require the Energy resource to get their full effect, namely Photonic Blast and Energy Channel, literally having her spend her absorbed energy to let out a burst of damage.

Meanwhile, her core ability as Captain Marvel is to spend Energy and heal to draw more cards, encouraging her to head into battle and take some damage so she can restore herself by absorbing more energy.

Phil: And while the card Cosmic Flight doesn’t play into this, her natural ability to fly in recent comics stems from this power source as well. That card similarly fuels a variety of effects in her deck, such as Crisis Interdiction and Captain Marvel’s Helmet, but these tend to be more passive, defensive abilities.

Luke: Which could be seen as a light commentary on the character; Carol has always been someone who, while having a diplomatic side, doesn’t shy away from a good fight.

Phil: Also, her flight keyword is tied to these few abilities solely, whereas Energy Absorption can be used on just about anything.

Luke: Exactly; even if one of her powers doesn’t need Energy to use it, she can always spend some of her seemingly limitless supply to put it in play if in a pinch.

Now like I said, Energy Channel was definitely one I considered, since it shows off Captain Marvel’s raw strength. The problem is the context of the image from Civil War 2. This image specifically is when Carol accidentally kills [redacted], a fellow hero that she is at odds with.

Phil: The Civil War 2 event definitely did the character a large disservice, writing her as pig-headed to the point of being destructive, making her out to be the “villain” by the end of the event.

Luke: Which, to me, sours this card in terms of representing her as a whole. Accidental homicide isn’t exactly a defining trait for her.

So while it’s a bit more generic, so much so that I’ve been struggling to find the source of the art in question, Energy Absorption perfectly represents Carol in my eyes, showing us how she taps into her various abilities with ease.

Phil: I think that’s a wrap on this one; thanks to everyone who took the time to read this. Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll see you next week!

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