Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll and Write – A Drive-Thru Experience

  • Designers: Ryan Lambert and Adam Rehberg
  • Artist: N/A
  • Publisher: Adam’s Apple Games
  • Release Date: April 2020

Disclaimer: This game was provided to us for review by Adam Apple’s Games.

Luke: Roll and writes are all the craze right now. It’s hard to not take 2 steps into your local gaming shop without stumbling on “[Popular Game]: Now With Dice,” and with so many out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth your time.

Phil: But when I heard about Truck Off: The Food Frenzy Roll and Write, something about that premise grabbed me, and I knew we had to try it out.

Luke: Now, I’ve never played the original-

Phil: Me neither.

Luke: – so we won’t be speaking to that. Rather, we’d like to take a look at a rare roll and write that looks to take advantage of the entire spectrum of dice.

Phil: In Truck Off R&R, players are trying to make their way through their city within 22 turns, earning the most points possible by visiting the various stores strewn throughout. Whoever charted their paths best wins.

Luke: Each turn, the players roll the dice pool, containing a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Each of these are related to a type of store on your map. Players will select one of the dice values to use that round, moving their truck up to 3 spaces on their personal map to reach a store of the appropriate type.

In this way, players will score points based on the value of the die rolled, filling in the next open space on their score track.

Phil: However, by selecting a particularly juicy die value this round, you may be permanently skipping other scoring opportunities. Additionally, if you ever drive your truck through a building without stopping, you won’t be able to stop there in the future, making this a game of cutting your losses and hoping to get the most bang for your buck.

Luke: If you ever have 3 scoring values in the same row or column, you’ll get a bonus ability that can help you score double points on a building or maneuver around the map more easily.

The game ends after 1 player has finished their scoring track as long as it’s been 12 rounds. Everyone will tally their points, and whoever made the most money from the day’s sales wins!

Phil: Like I suggested above, I quite enjoy the theme and aesthetics of this game. It’s a light romp that feels relaxing in how it plays out. And being a big fan of D&D, it’s nice to see all the dice used in a roll and write for a change.

Luke: That’s actually the thing I have the biggest issue with here. By rolling such variable dice and with those values equally victory points, it can be very easy to have swings in end-game scores simply because someone was in a better position to earn a ton of points off the d20 on a particular turn than someone else.

I’ve heard some people defend this by saying everyone has the same choices, but depending on what your particular board state is 4 or 5 turns into the game, you’ll probably have distinctly different viable options than your opponent by then.

Phil: I can understand that, and I wouldn’t argue it’s the best scoring system in the world, but I can’t help but get drawn in by the feeling of chucking a big handful of dice and seeing what comes out of it.

Luke: Which I think will be a big deciding factor for folks here. I personally found myself uninvested in the game by the end, as there was no engine or end-game I was building towards beyond getting big numbers and not trapping myself in a corner. You, on the other hand, had a lot of fun moving your truck along until you were out of gas and out of time, which I can totally understand. This won’t be for everyone, but there’s certainly an audience that will be pleased as punch by this little title.

Verdict: Truck Off: The Food Frenzy Roll and Write is like ordering from a drive-thru kiosk; it’s light, providing simple choices, inexpensive, and doesn’t ask much of the consumer. In the absolute drought of roll and writes, there are better options out there, but you could certainly do a lot worse.

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