Marvel Champs Monday: Keeping Things Fresh

Phil: I don’t know about you, but I think the Marvel Champions community could use a “Morale Boost.”

Luke: Absolutely, and I think it’s about time we “Lead From the Front” regarding that.

Phil: With so much “Down Time” on everyone’s hands, Marvel Champions is a phenomenal game to invest a few afternoons in. And while new content won’t be reaching most of us for some time now, with a little bit of “Teamwork,” I think we can think of a few ways to liven up the game for even the most dedicated of players.

Luke: Want to “Make the Call” as to how we start off our list of suggestions?

Phil: Yeah, let’s stop this bit now before we get Helicarri’ed away.

Luke: *closes card organizer* Probably for the best.

Official FFG Challenges

Phil: FFG is no stranger to dishing some hefty challenges to their players, and Marvel Champions players have seen a few surface in the last few months.

Luke: The first of these was a list of achievements players can fight to accomplish in a single game. Each are tied to a specific hero and task the player with completing a task before the end of the game.

Phil: Those that have been released up until this point have been specific to the core set heroes, but there are enough interesting goals to reach for that this list should keep some players busy for a good while.

Luke: Some of these seem incredibly difficult; how in the world are you supposed to deal 16 damage with Black Cat on a single turn???

Phil: Better start deck-building, bucko.

Luke: But for those looking for a more traditional challenge, look no further than the Heroic Klaw challenge. Issued by developer Michael Boggs a few weeks back, players were tasked to defeat Level 3 Heroic Klaw with the Doomsday Chair modular set included, a challenge that has seemingly gone unbeaten.

Phil: Yeah, because that $#!% is impossible.

Luke: Or is it?

Phil: Theoretically, you could beat it if the encounter deck is stacked juuuuuuuuust right, but I think it’ll be an uphill battle no matter how you slice it.

Luke: Hopefully we’ll see some more of these in the coming weeks, but I think we’ve got a pretty challenging list of goals to aspire to complete.


Luke: For those of you looking for a more long-term stretch of fun, some players have created campaigns to add some narrative flair to the content that has already been released.

Phil: BGG user Nio_Darkwind has created one of the more popular examples of this, which can be easily accessed from the BGG forums.

Luke: And for those of you who are looking for a campaign experience without looking for custom content, I’ve recently been playing a series of games with my significant other where we each build decks and then stick with them through a series of fights, from easiest to most difficult, to see how well we do both as a team and with our individual decks.

Phil: This is also a great time to challenge yourself to really hone your skills with those harder to learn characters. I’ve spent a lot of time understanding how to build a good Ms. Marvel deck recently, and I’m pleased with the results.

Luke: And that process can, in and of itself, feel like a campaign, with your hero getting stronger with each new iteration of the deck.

Custom Content

Phil: We touched on this lightly earlier, and we know it’s not for everyone, but there are some phenomenal custom content options out there.

Luke: One that got a lot of traction that last time there was a dearth of new content is a Namor custom encounter set that pits players against the Sub-Mariner as he attempts to sink the ship full of the next expansion content.

Phil: It’s a cute, tongue-in-cheek tone that pokes fun at FFG, but the scenario itself has some meat on its bones and will present a strong challenge to those willing to attempt it.

Luke: The custom content creator who has gotten the most buzz recently has been Juri Krasko, who has been pumping out interesting heroes and encounters on a nearly weekly basis at this point. The art is well selected and the cards are formatted to look strikingly like the real deal.

Phil: His most recent release, a Black Knight hero deck, looks like a blast to play and plays with the Ebony Curse in a way that feels very thematic and mechanically fascinating.

Luke: The hero isn’t quite ready, as his Nemesis is still being designed, but he often releases these sneak-peeks to get feedback and make appropriate edits. At this point, a number of his older releases have been tried and tested to make for consistent and exciting experiences.

Phil: We’re certainly excited to see what else he creates moving forward.

Live Streams

Luke: While not everyone likes watching other people play the games they want to be playing right now, watching Marvel Champions live streams can be a ton of fun, depending on the folks that are hosting it.

Phil: There are countless folks that have uploaded playthroughs of their games over the past few months, including FFG themselves.

Luke: And myself and Ian Moss played a challenging game a few weeks past on the Infectious Play Publishing channel, which can be seen here.

Stay Strong, Champions

Phil: Times are tough for everyone, and we feel blessed and privileged to be a part of such a strong and ever-growing community.

Luke: We and a number of incredibly talented content creators are working tirelessly to bring you new and interesting ways to view and experience one of our favorite games, and we hope that the things we make are both informative and entertaining.

Phil: We’d love to hear any and all feedback in the comments, and if you can think of any other great ways to freshen up Marvel Champs for those that are feeling weary, let us know!

Luke: We’ll see ya’ll next time, folks.

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