Piece of Pie: A Tasty Snack

  • Designers: Trevor Benjamin and Brett J. Gilbert
  • Artist: Uncredited
  • Publisher: Blue Orange Games
  • Release Date: April 2020

Disclaimer: This game was provided to us for review by Blue Orange Games.

Phil: Do you have 5 minutes to talk about Piece of Pie, a tasty morsel of a game by Blue Orange?

Luke: Considering my “very busy schedule”, I should be able to make some time for it.

Phil: Good, because 5 minutes is all we’ll need to go over what is a rather streamlined experience.

Pie of Pie has players drafting slices from various mismatched pies to make a strange combination of your own. Scoring is based on what variable cards are dealt each game. Additionally, each player has a secret goal card that incentivizes them to specialize in a particular color for bonus points.

Luke: So it’s Sagrada-lite?

Phil: Exactly.

Each turn, a player can take 1 slice of pie. If it is an untouched pie, you have to take the slice indicated by the token in the center of the play area. Otherwise, you can take either slice with empty space adjacent to it.

When adding slices to your pie, or pies in the case of a 2-player game, slices must be placed adjacent to one another, meaning you have to carefully plan when to take that precious slice of Kiwi Pie.

Luke: … Is Kiwi Pie a thing?

Phil: *One Google Search later* Apparently, yes.

Luke: But no love for Pumpkin Pie? That’s criminal.

Phil: Players continue until they’ve finished their pies, ie all slices have been taken. Scoring parameters are based on the pattern in which your pie is formed, the colors of the slices you’ve pulled, and the decorations adorning your various slices. Whoever has the most points wins!

Luke: This game is way more fun than it has any right to be. This is, dare I say, a filling filler game, with enough to chew on to keep you entertained for the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to play.

Phil: The tactile nature is a huge bonus, reminding me a lot of New York Slice, a game that I know you weren’t a huge fan of. I’m sure some people will make the comparison, but beyond the component similarities and package, the 2 games have nothing to do with each other.

Luke: There’s also enough variability here where each game is just different enough to keep the ingredients fresh without letting the mechanics spoil from overcomplication.

Phil: Really stretched for that one, huh?

Luke: Leave me alone, I have my quota that needs to be filled.

The only negative I can think of is that this might be a little too light for some, but that really comes down to personal taste.

Phil: I could see some folks writing this off if they already have Sagrada, but I think that’s a disservice; this game serves an entirely different role in a board game collection, and does it incredibly well.

Verdict: Pie of Pie is a great example of what a filler game should be, giving players a little puzzle to work their way through between larger experiences. It looks great, plays smoothly, and has variable scoring to keep you coming back. If you like Sagrada but are looking for a shorter, more succinct experience, pick this up the next chance you have.

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