What Hulk Means For the Future of Marvel Champions

Luke: So yes, through the listing of upcoming products on FFG’s website, it’s official that Hulk will be the last hero released prior to the campaign box.

Phil: Unsurprisingly.

Luke: Well, yes, folks had been guessing as much well before a rogue eBay salesperson confirmed it via private messages prior to FFG sending them a cease and desist notice.

Phil: Secrets seem to be dead in this digital age.

Luke: Too true, but I think it’s worth taking a look at what this announcement means for Marvel Champions moving forward are theorize on some of the cards we’ll see in his deck.

Phil: Lead the way.


Luke: So Hulk’s going to come with the Aggression aspect.

Phil: Obviously.

Luke: I don’t think there’s doubt in anyone’s minds that this is the case.

Phil: Which means that the 2 heroes released in the campaign box will have to be a Leadership- and Justice-oriented.

Luke: Exactly. What those characters could be will largely depend on what the theme of the box is, a concept that players are hotly debating, especially after the last FFG livestream, in which it was made somewhat unclear whether this expansion will end the current Avengers content or be the final product in the Avengers content.

Phil: Assuming that it’s a male and female character-

Luke: I think a safe assumption.

Phil: -then I could see it being Ant-Man for Leadership and Wasp for Justice, getting in the last unrepresented founding members into the game.

Luke: And if it’s something else, I’d guess either the X-Men with Cyclops as Leadership and Jean Grey as Justice or the Fantastic Four with Mr. Fantastic as Leadership and Invisible Woman as Justice.

Phil: All solid guesses, but we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

Hero Card

Phil: So what powers are you thinking we’ll see on Bruce and Hulk?

Luke: Well, it’s a safe assumption to pull some inspiration from the Hulk ally card, as the designers expressed in the Black Widow set that her focus and ability was reflected in the effects of her ally card. My best guess for Hulk would be that you can discard a card to add Hulk’s basic attack strength to an attack event he’s playing once per turn.

Phil: Discarding cards for the chance to dealing extra damage; makes sense.

Luke: As for Bruce, I don’t know. My mind keeps wandering to Peter Parker and his ability to generate an extra science resource.

Phil: His ability could just be that the basic scheme action is on his side of the card.

Luke: That could be really weird and interesting, and I can definitely get behind something like that, especially since it’s likely that Hulk will have a very low hand size of around 3 or 4 cards, similar to She-Hulk, so they’ll have to switch back and forth fairly frequently.

Phil: The only other thing I wonder is if there’ll be a restriction on how long you can be Hulk. Like, maybe instead of an ability, Hulk’s stats are jacked up, but if you start your turn as the Hulk, you must revert back to Bruce Banner before the end of the turn.

Luke: And that would better lend itself to Bruce having the thwart mechanic on his side of the hero card… interesting stuff, I’m very excited to see which direction this all ends up going.


Luke: So what ally do you think they’ll-

Phil: Amadeus Cho.

Luke: Interesting… go on.

Phil: He’s one of Hulk’s oldest and most consistent allies in the comics, he’s a character that gets into fights, meaning he wouldn’t be a persona character like Aunt May or Kamala’s family, and he’s more inclined towards outwitting and outthinking his opponents, ie having a better scheming ability, something that Hulk will have a harder time with I imagine.

Luke: Yeah, that’s all pretty solid reasoning. Plus, we saw Amadeus Cho take over as the Totally Awesome Hulk for a little bit a couple of years back, and he’s been a member of the Champions team with Ms. Marvel and Sam Alexander, both of whom are already in the game.

Phil: It just makes the most sense. The only other character I could think of offhand is Doc Samson, the big green therapist of the Hulk universe.

Luke: Ooooo, he’d be a lot of fun too. I think whichever way they end up going, we’ll have a cool card on our hands.

Hulk’s Deck

Luke: I think it’s a safe assumption that we’re going to see a lot of attack events.

Phil: A good amount of attack events, for sure.

Luke: If there isn’t a Smash card somewhere in there, there will assuredly be blood.

Phil: I’d say most of hero-specific cards will be varying attacks, with a damage mitigation card event thrown in there as well. Hulk has some thick skin and will likely be a great Protection hero.

Luke: Super psyched for that.

Phil: Again, it’s Banner that makes things a little more uncertain.

Luke: There will almost definitely be a Betty Ross persona in the mix to help out Bruce, and I imagine there’ll be a few gadgets that’ll be focused on reducing threat or making Hulk less unwieldy, despite his presumably low hand size.

Phil: Most of Bruce’s gadgets lend themselves to better controlling or assimilating with the Hulk in one way or another; I’m sure we’ll see some inspiration pulled from the Indestructible Hulk series, which focused more on Bruce’s technological capabilities and an Iron Man-like suit that helped him better control his transformations between Hulk and Bruce.

Luke: Which would lend itself to your theory on the forced switch from Hulk to Bruce. Exciting stuff.


Luke: Well, there are 2 options; Abomination and General Thaddeus Ross.

Phil: Both classic villains, both hellbent on the destruction of the Hulk… but I think Ross would be a much more interesting Nemesis to have to face.

Luke: I agree. His relationship with not just the Hulk, but Bruce, is way more personal, and while Abomination could be a villain set one day, I’m not sure General Ross would make a great adversary.

Phil: Unless he was the Red Hulk.

Luke: Who’s been turned into a hero character for a while now, particularly in the U.S. Avengers.

Phil: Very true. So yeah, I’d say General Ross is a safe bet, possibly with a focus on buffing other minions or provoking additional attacks from the villain.

Luke: Yeah, he can be an inspirational force in the comics to push others to go after and take down the Hulk, so I could see that being a prevalent theme with his effects.

But That’s Just a Theory…

Phil: A gaaaame th-

Luke: DON’T.

Phil: But yeah, all of this is unsubstantiated theory-crafting, blah blah blah.

Luke: I’ll be curious to see if any of this pans out; I think we’ve got pretty good reasoning for a lot of these.

Phil: But yeah, all you out there reading this, let us know your thoughts below. Tell us how right-

Luke: -or wrong-

Phil: -we are! What ally would you want to see in Hulk’s set? Are you excited for Hulk being the final “revealed” hero?

Luke: Thanks for reading, and we’ll see ya’ll next week!

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